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When you walk into a vintage boutique, what do you look for? A dress specifically from your favorite era? Some people may not even think about it, but there is a lot more to vintage clothing than meets the eye. The differences can be defined by how it was made, the materials used, shapes, and colors. I went through the store and picked out some pieces from each decade. From the 40s all the way to the 80s, here we go!


This dress is a rare gem straight from the 1940s! Dresses or clothing in general designed from this decade were very well made. You can actually tell by looking at the smaller details, such as the pleats on this dress. They are perfectly aligned! The trends from this decade also convey a very conservative look. Most of the colors seen in the 1940’s reflected the darkened wartime atmosphere; colors such as black, navy and other dark colors were mainly used.


The 1950’s look, also known as “New Look”, consisted of a below-mid-calf length, full-skirt, pointed bust, small waist, and rounded shoulder line. In summary, shape and silhouette were played up during this era. The trends were based on well-tailored & clean-cut clothes. The birth of synthetic and easy-care fabrics were also brought into the 50s, such as acrylic, polyester, and spandex.


My favorite era, the 1960s, was an evolving scene especially in Europe. The fashion trends were not only influenced by the growing art scene, but also the social atmosphere. Some of the popular styles include shift dresses, loud prints, pastel suits, boxy jackets, and oversized buttons.


The 1970s brought us peace and love, hippies, and disco dreams. This decade brought us the jumpsuit – and I still thank them today. The patterns and prints seemed to get more small and detailed such as they are on the jumpsuit above. Pants were more flared than ever before, the popular colors were warm, and disco was on everyone’s mind for the weekend.


Last and certainly not least, the 80s. How could we forget the classic romantic comedies that still inspire us today? Such as Pretty in Pink or The Breakfast Club. The style was greatly exaggerated during this time. Shoulder pads, huge prints, drop-waist dresses, crazy hair, and tacky embellishments are some of their greatest hits. The dress above makes me think about prom night set in the 80s, Cyndi Lauper, and magic.

All of my picks above are currently active at our Etsy shop for your shopping pleasures. I hope this post gives you a sense of direction the next time you plan on visiting The Flying Worm or just any vintage shop in general.

Happy Weekend,

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