Memorial Day Weekend Means New Items!

Posted on: May 23rd, 2015 by Theflyingworm No Comments

So If you haven’t gone to our downtown location, then you need to get down there today! We just added a huge selection of beautiful pieces. And if you live closer to westroads, those pieces will be headed that way sometime this week!

We also have price bundling going on, so make sure to get a good deal with that!

If it’s $8 dollars, it’s 2 for $12.95
If it’s $12.95, it’s 2 for $20
If it’s $14.95, it’s 2 for $25




Top Five Favorites: Kelly

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015 by Theflyingworm No Comments

This week is brought to you by the lovely and bubbly Kelly!


Tank Top $12.95
When I first saw this piece, it immidiately stood out to me because it’s an elephant with loads of beautiful flowers, and I absolutely LOVE flowers.


Printed Tee $14.95
I like this Harley Davidson shirt because it’s something I would wear on a lazy day. If I really wanted too as well, I could turn it into a crop top by tying it in the back or actually cutting it.


Crop Top $14.95 and Denim Jacket $24.95
I am in love with crop tops. And tye dye shirts! So this combination put into one is seriously the best of both worlds. You can never have enough tye dye or crop tops.
When it comes to denim jackets, one is never enough, and no matter the season I am always wearing one. I feel like a lot of people feel that way too. They are my weakness but a great addiction.


Western Pearl Back Button-UP $17.95
Flannels are my go to pieces so I love how there is such a variety of choices. I really like this one because it’s not just a red and black flannel, it has other colors in it as well that will match with almost anything.